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everyBUDDY Zombie

A zombie panic broke out. The world was cut off.

Every choice you make matters, and it can change the course of your romance! Dozens of interesting dramas are waiting for you!

Where are the zombies? Hey, where are the zombies?
Do you ever feel like you’ve been left all alone?
Do you ever have that feeling?


Don’t worry!
Zombies are always on your screen.
The more you develop a relationship with a handsome zombie, the more the mystery of the zombie panic will be solved.
Eventually, you will save the world.

The game takes place in a fragmented world where zombies roam.
The heroine, who lives in a closed city, meets three zombies one night.
They are different from the other zombies.
They were intelligent.

“If they were intelligent, they would remember how they became zombies.”
“If we can find out why, we can stop the zombie panic.”
”Please, help me.”

The hero thinks.
“I want to know why I became a zombie.”

The heroine thinks.
“I want to know why the zombies are everywhere.”

The hero thinks.
“I want my missing memories back.”

The heroine thinks.
The heroine thinks, “I want to get back the life I lost.”

The hero wishes.
“I want to be human again.”

The heroine wishes.
“I want to live in a tomorrow without zombies.”

Hand in hand with a handsome zombie, open the door.
A zombie-free tomorrow!


Supported OS
Android OS 6.0.1 or later is supported.

Minimum: 2GB or more
Recommended: 3GB or more

Non-supported models
NEON cannot be used on models with Tegra3.

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© 2023 Regina

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