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Romantic Adventure Novel Game AYAKASHI Lovers To Launch October 28, 2022 for iOS and Android.

Every choice you make matters, and it can change the course of your romance! Dozens of interesting dramas are waiting for you!

About AYAKASHI Lovers

The night you lose your family and you are all alone.
The empty house is too big and you feel crushed by loneliness.

Suddenly, three handsome men come to your doorstep.

One is after you. One is protecting you. The third one is coming after you.
And what’s more, they are monsters!
Only I can see your true form.

You decide the goal of the story!
Please go through a wide variety of choices and welcome your own unique ending.


Tap to read and choose the ending.
You can read all endings for free.
You can read the exciting paid story as many times as you want by selecting the choices in the work.

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I am a descendant of a Onmyoji.
Because of this, I have been able to see “things that people cannot see” since I was a child.
After the death of my grandmother, the only family I had left, I became the last survivor of my family.
When I was left alone in a large mansion and trembling with loneliness――

With a flash of lightning, a beautiful young man with white hair suddenly appeared.
He said, “Descendant of the onmyoji, my power that has been sealed, I will have it returned to you!”

And then a strong man in black.
“I will protect you even at the cost of my life, my Lord!”

A beautiful boy with soft silver hair and red eyes even arrived!
“Hey, sister, will you be my princess?”

The three handsome men who appeared one after another were actually monsters.
They tried to kill me, protect me, and even crawled into my bedclothes if I wasn’t careful.

What is going to happen to me?

A pop and delightful house-sharing experience begins with a mix of humans and yokai!

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Free of charge (With in-app purchase)


Release date
October 28, 2022 (There is a regional difference.)

Supported OS
Android OS 6.0.1 or later is supported.

Minimum: 2GB or more
Recommended: 3GB or more

Non-supported models
NEON cannot be used on models with Tegra3.

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